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Champ Quest Poetry & Creative Writing Competition

Welcome to the largest Poetry & Creative Writing competition in India! Are you ready to showcase your literary talent and win exciting prizes? Join us on this journey of words, emotions, and creativity. (Event Partner Boozing Brand Media)

Last Date Of Registration: 26th May 2024








Amazing Prizes:

1st Prize of the competition is Rs.1,50,000/-
2nd Prize of the competition is Rs.1,00,000/-
3rd Prize Of the competition is Rs.75,000/-

Best 1000 Writers will be featured in the “Best Writers Book”.

Participants will receive participating certificates.

Participants will receive their STATE ranking certificate.

Participants will receive their All India ranking certificate.

Rounds Of Competition

1st Round: Best writers from every state will be selected. 

2nd Round: Best state writers will compete against the best other state writers.

(Winners will be selected from this round)


We offer a wide range of categories to suit different writing styles and genres. Whether you're into poetry, short stories, essays, or other forms of creative writing, we have something for you. Choose from our diverse categories, including:

  1. Poetry: Express your emotions and thoughts through the power of words. From sonnets to haikus, free verse to rhymes, unleash your poetic prowess and create a masterpiece.

  2. Short/Long Stories: Tell a captivating tale in a limited space. Create memorable characters, vivid settings, and engaging plots that leave the readers craving for more.

  3. Essays: Share your unique perspectives and insights on a variety of topics. From personal experiences to social issues, present your arguments and ideas in a compelling and thought-provoking manner.

  4. Flash Fiction: Convey a complete story in a concise format. Craft a compelling narrative with a limited word count and leave a lasting impact on the readers.

  5. Creative Non-fiction: Blend the art of storytelling with the truth of real-life events. Share your personal anecdotes, memoirs, travelogues, or any other form of non-fiction writing that showcases your creativity and literary prowess.

We believe in recognizing and rewarding the talent of our participants. Winners of our competition will receive exciting prizes, including cash rewards, publication opportunities, and more. Additionally, all participants will receive a certificate of participation to acknowledge their contribution to the literary world.

Judging Criteria:

Our panel of esteemed judges will evaluate the entries based on creativity, originality, writing style, grammar, and overall impact. They will look for entries that demonstrate a deep understanding of the chosen category, and those that evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and captivate the readers. Audience voting will take place on our partner's platform.


How to Participate:

Participating in our competition is easy! Register from the link above, pay the registration fee, and after registration within 48 hours, a form will be sent to your registered email ID. Fill out the form and do the submission.

So, what are you waiting for? Sharpen your pens, fire up your keyboards, and let your creativity soar! Join us in the largest Poetry & Creative Writing competition in India and make your mark in the literary world. Good luck!

*Note: If selected in the best state writers then, you will have to register again to be part of the second round.

Register For Competition

No age limit, all age groups can participate.

With single registration, participants can do up to 10 submissions.


Mark your calendars with these important dates for our competition:

  • Submission Deadline: 31st May 2024

  • Judging and Voting Period: 15th June 2024 to 30th July 2024

  • Winners Announcement: 15th August 2024.

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